Đề ôn luyện tiếng anh 6 – số 2

ĐỀ 2

Exercise 1: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest

1. A. who B. where C. whale D. why

2. A. come B. city C. class D. cook

3. A. eraser B. desk C. house D. student

Exercise 2: Choose the word that has the different main stress

1. A. python B. below C. peacock D. funny

2. A. around B. monkey C. quickly D. circus

Exercise 3: Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D

1. Jim never ________ at the school canteen.

A. is eating B. eats C. eat D. doesn’t eat

2. Which place would your family like ______? – New York.

A. visit B. visits C. visiting D. to visit

3. ______ grows vegetables.

A. An farmer B. Farmers C. Farmer D. A farmer

4. An astronaut can ______ the spaceship and walk in space.

 A. get out of B. gets out C. get out D. gets out of

 5. _____________? – My favorite season is summer.

A. What your favorite season? B. What’s your favorite season? C. What are your favorite season? D. What’s you favorite season?

 6. What did she do yesterday? – She ________ with her friends

A. goes swimming B. went swimming C. goed swimming D. is going swimming

7. ______ would you like to visit, a museum or a pagoda?

A. Which place B. Who C. How many D. How much

8. Where is he going to ______ in Hue?

A. stay B. stays C. staying D. goes

9. There are four _____ in a year.

A. spring B. summer C. seasons D. winter

10. It ______ warm and foggy in Paris tomorrow. A. is B. are C. will be D. will is

Exercise 4: Translate the following sentences into English

 1. Tôi thích mùa xuân vì có rất nhiều hoa _______________________________

2. Ngày mai thời tiết sẽ như thế nào? _______________________________

3. Đồ ăn rẻ ở vịnh Hạ Long. _______________________________

Exercise 5: Read the following and choose the best answer Last Monday afternoon, Fred came home (1) ______ school with a headache. He didn’t do his homework. He (2) ________ watch TV. He only wanted to go to (3) _______. He was tired and his head was (4) _______. His mother took him some rice to eat. But he wasn’t hungry. He only had some fruits and some orange juice. Then he went to sleep. What a (5) _______ day.

1. A. to B. from C. between D. and

2. A. doesn’t B. isn’t C. don’t D. didn’t

3. A. bed B. zoo C. school D. class

4. A. cold B. cool C. hot D. sunny

5. A. wonderful B. terrible C. happy D. great

Exercise 6: Reorder these words to make meaningful sentences 1. and/ Chocolate/ lot/ of/ fat/ has/ a/ sugar/. ______________________ 2. summer/ Where/ go/ last/ did/ you/ holiday/ ?/ ______________________ 3. Hanoi/ people/ has/ a lot of/ and/ tall buildings/ ./ ______________________

Exercise 7: Rewrite the following sentences 1. There are not so many people in my village. (have) ______________________ 2. London isn’t as beautiful as New York. (more…. than) ______________________ 3. It will be stormy and windy tomorrow. (weather)

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